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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  July 13, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton slams economics. first is scott walker's big day getting trumped? it is monday july 13th and this is "now." >> i'm running for president to fight and win for the american people. ♪ >> scott walker is indeed running for president. >> on some level he's clearly a first tier candidate. >> it is not too late. we can make our country great again. >> walker enters a giant field of 15 candidates that has recently been dominated by donald trump. >> i'm really smart. went to the wharton school of finance. one of the hardest schools to get into. >> a segment of the republican part. >> i'm tied with jeb bush. i said how can i be tied with this guy. he's terrible. he's terrible. >> he is the sun around which all of these other republican candidates are going to be orbiting. >> i think he's hijacked the debate and he's a wrecking ball
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for the future of the republican party. >> can you see this guy in the white house? >> everybody loves me. everybody loves me. he's been among the perceived front runners for months now. and he is making it official. in just a couple of hours governor scott walker will hold the latest in a spectacular run of republican announcement events launching his bid in wisconsin. as gop candidate number 15, walker is expected to emphasize his shirt sleeves, union busting outside the beltway appeal as he did in an announcement video released earlier today. >> wisconsin, we did nibble around the edges. we enacted big, bold reforms and took power of the hands of the big government special interests and gave it to the taxpayer. >> but unfortunately for governor walker his late entry comes as his early buzz may be fading and another republican is
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dominating the discussion. of course we are talking about donald trump. a new poll from monmouth university finds the donald holding steady at number two. that after trump drew a massive crowd for a rally in arizona over the weekend. where he doubled down on controversial immigration views and offered his own bold vision of himself. >> i'm really smart. went to the wharton school of finance. i'm killing everybody on jobs. i'm killing everybody on leadership. i hire lobbyists. i have them all over the place. they are great. if i want something, two do this. i know the system better than anybody. if you people go with bush you are going to lose. i had an idea. i think it's good. we charge mexico $100,000 for every person they send over. the silent magenta isjority and back. and we're going to take the country back. >> joining me editor and chief of reason magazine. and contributor for the daily
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beast. matt, you told me in the make up room where all good conversations happen that you had seen donald trump speak this weekend, i believe. >> on saturday. >> tell me of the mystery. >> it was the worst political speech i've seen in my life. not the worst. >> at worst, do you mean best? you can say if nothing else it was the entertainment value. >> he said the u.s. is blocking syrian christian refugees from coming to this country. talked about it for minutes. just totally not true. >> he also said that two hollywood donors reportedly that the u.s. should have invaded mexico instead of iraq. that wisdom aside. people in the audience were presumably cheering. >> some people and i was at a libertarianish conference called freedom fest. libertarians and conservatives. they were cheering as he said things like what mexico is doing
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just like fidel castro only more sophisticated. he said he goings to win a majority of hispanics because they know he will bring the jobs back from china. >> the man is poll -- in real polls. monmouth university a poll nbc news recognizes. at number two. scott walker is effectively getting big footed by donald trump. do you almost feel sorry for the governor of wisconsin? >> no i don't feel sorry for him. but that's a different story. we should be careful. we've seen this before. we saw this last cycle with upstarts coming through and making a lot of noise and saying things that people wanted to hear and then eventually sort of dying away. i think there is a difference, yes. there is a a real poll. >> he has real support in the debates. >> [ inaudible ]. >> matters because of the
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debates. and this is one serious point i think you can draw from trump. as insane as he differences with the republican party mainstream is stylistic and not substantive. he's saying what republican base voters want to hear but the candidates we can consider more mainstream say in a more coded way. >> in all fairness i don't think any republican candidate is seriously suggesting that we should have invaded mexico instead of iraq. >> he's speaking to the same base voter and he is winning them. and there is no doubt he is going to push the republican party even further right on this. i just think you can't get away from it. the good news is that was part of walker's master plan to run to the right. so it will be an interesting race between the two. i i've long been saying scott walker is a little too boring to be president. that might wind up benefitting him if people get tired of trump. they might want boring.
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>> i think it's interesting in the contrast in bluster or lack thereof. walker out thes serer touts the fact he worked at mcdonald's and all american roots and early states in a win win bag. and he donald trump makes no politicianapologies for his largess. >> and part of it is there is a part that is all for plu to be ra plu to besy. actually it is a party with a lot of respect and that is the essence of the trump's appeal. i also heard a lot of people saying why can't the republicans shut him up?
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why hasn't anyone called him out? and they can't. because this is what the party is now. the fact is his approval numbers are climbing. the more people in the republican party -- not all of them but there is a significant part of the party that the more they hear trump the more they like him. >> square that with the person whose number one in the polls. jeb bush who is as far from bombast as you can get. >> national polls are really name recognition. they aren't much more than that. people are heard of trump. and his negatives are higher than anybody else within republicans. national review has been thundering about donald trump. people are freaking out. they are rightly worried the gop brand is going to be tarred with his message. so i don't think he -- >>and a frequent guest had a great piece saying trump is basically a rapper. it is about bling. >> in his dreams.
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>> i'm richer than you think. >> right. i don't know what that was supposed to be. i'll just give you a pass on that. >> do the hair later on. >> the idea of the -- >> it's aspirational on some level. look i'm so rich. i went outside of the system. i can tap into your sense that everyone is colluding against us. and we're going to go and show the media especially. but then everybody else, the elites that an outsider can disrupt the system. >> so there is a problem just sort of, you know optically in terms of donald trump making it to the debate stage and maybe john kasich or chris christie not making it to the stage. people who legitimately could have a shot. and then there is there is the talk that trump has hammered home on. taking the jailbreak of the gang legaler el chapo foras evidence to
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be. and then by way of evidence he writes el chapo. bombast here. but if you are talking about people like lindsey graham or jeb bush who would like to see comprehensive immigration reform, what does that do the this debate on the republican side alone. >> trump is a creation of this republican party. he is sort of the end result of everything they have been doing to the base already which is pushing it far, far to the right and talking about immigration in this very block and white way that is not -- that trump has made more blatant. he's made it more overtly antiimmigrant. and again other candidates just use code about it. my hope is that exposing thezine
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xenophobia at the heart of these policies, more people will understand that is not the way to go. i hope that is what's going to happen. maybe we need someone like trump to say these crazy things so we realize that is not the direction to go. surveys show and polls show that the more people who know immigrants the more in favor they are for a pathway to citizenship. and i think that is true of most people. and as long as he keeps demonizing them and then again i'm a cockeyed optimist. i'm seeing the donald as half full and not half empty. >> michelle before we go, just case in point. scout walker's announcement of his candidacy, to how much of a threat he poses at this moment and how much these outside
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dynamics could actually end up maybe working in his favor in the long run. >> donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. he poses a threat to whoever the lowest tiers are in terms of getting to the debate. i think he poses a threat to the republican party in that the party seemed to make a pretty concerted effort to avoid a 2008 style clown show and it doesn't look like they are going to be able to do that. >> depends on your definition of clown. >> the whole point of creating the debate cutoffs is to make it slightly slightly better than last time around. and trump is thwarted that. on the one hand he makes the party ridiculous. and the other hand they can't speak out against him. >> el chapo. matt. do the debates end up being this culling member nesm they are
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intending to be? or because of the inherently flawed metrics upon which they are based what do you think happens in the long run. >> i think they screwed up with the debates. scheduled to have a fewer of them. to do national polls on debates is disastrous. when you have 15 candidates out there. john kasich got bless him. americans just have no idea who that man is. >> they're unclear how to say it. >> i'm unclear. >> me too. >> i think by design they have screwed this up. they were scared of outsiders so much they almost guaranteed that the worst outsiders would rise to the top. >> just to be clear. jeb bush donald trump, ted cruz, mike huckabee ben carson rand paul and rick perry, bobby jindal and rick santorum slugging out for the last spot. when we come back one democrat seeking the white house says the
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it seems all the hopes and fears about a newly progressive clinton are well-founded. >> it's way past time to end the outrage of so many women still earning less than men on the job and women of color making even
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less. you may have heard governor bush say last week that americans just need to work longer hours. well he must not have met very many american workers. they don't need a lecture. they need a raise. too big to fail is still too big a problem. we will prosecute individuals as well as firms when they commit fraud or other criminal wrong doing. >> seen as democratic party growing more liberal. something not everyone is celebrating. >> the party has moved way far to the left. and that is not my democratic party in and of itself. we need to bring working people back into the formula. >> joining us now is jonathan alter. and sam stein. okay jonathan what do you make
1:18 pm
of the jim web's comments? >> he's really talking about social issues. on economic issues populous type issues he's actually not very far apart from hillary clinton and even elizabeth warren. but he's got some issues on things like gay marriage on the confederate flag. he really represents southern white males in many respects. he's done well with those voters. generally republicans have done better with those voters in recent years. so he's not talking about the entire democratic agenda just part of that agenda that is threatening to those voters. >> sam, do you think that web feels he needs to make a case to those southern white voters, the former clinton voter by the way it should be said, because hillary is not speaking to them. >> perhaps. but i think jonathan's point is probably right, that it is on
1:19 pm
social issues which he's going to distinguish themselves, gay marriage for instance or the confederate flag or gun control which has within a dormant issue but has been resuscitated a bit by clinton and also bernie sanders. so those are the issues where jim web differentiates himself. i think on fiscal matters, i don't know if i see much daylight between what jim web wants and the rest of the party wants. i'm sure there are degrees of the differentiation. but in the past six years during the obama presidency as much as republicans would like to insist it's been a liberal utopia it's been more central than anything else. heritage plan essentially. massive deficit reduction. and entitlement reform nearly. so on a whole host of fiscal matters despite the betrayals of
1:20 pm
republicans, we really haven't had this grand liberal experiment. it's been fairly democratic. >> some of the things hillary suggested today including prosecuting individuals for banking crimes. paid family leave and sick days. early childhood education and expanding the affordable care act. every single one of those are a continuation of this administration. those are things this administration had openly said it would like to see as policy priorities. >> she's basically said she is going to maintain and expand on the obama administration. enhancing social security. i think one thing different than obama is the centrality of paycheck feminism to her economic platform and the idea that we've fallen behind in the number of women in the workplace. it is a continuation though it is also i think a far more progressive economic address than anything that obama gave in 2008 and probably the most
1:21 pm
progressive economic address in a generation. and so in that sense jim web is right. when he says that the party has moved to the left he is correct. and that's why he says he doesn't have a place in the party he's also correct. >> when you look at the republican party has gone t has gone decidedly right. the bottom line is the democratic movement towards more liberal and the top is republican towards more conservative. and do you think we're going to see that line edge further down. in terms of progressively more liberal. >> i'm always very weary of the especially brookings institute but any institute boiling down conservative or liberal into one line with a trend on it. the tea party republicans are way more fiscally conservative and people have tried to describe them all the troglodyte
1:22 pm
knuckle draergsggers. and i think that is where jim web should have always been distinguishing himself. he was way out in front of almost all democrats on criminal justice reform. opposition to the surveillance state. opposition not only to republican war but to democratic wars as well. it's there he has a legitimate chance to speak to diseffected progressives if those progressives cared about the issues to the extent they care about income inequality. >> what is the evidence that the tea party is left of the hillary clinton on criminal justice. >> i'm not saying the tea party is but the generation of tea party people rand paul a bunch of people, they have been leading individually on these criminal justice reform issues along with people like cory booker and others in the democratic party. to reduce the tea party as this excretion of awful conservativeness on a simple trend line is just inaccurate. >> i don't agree with that at
1:23 pm
all. if you look at them on, say, cutting the federal budget it is a radical movement. the tea party move and now the mainstream of the republican party. the ryan plan is a -- >> but -- >> 5% there, 10% there. it's 40 50 80% cuts. >> the -- flat -- after the big bush/obama spike it is specially flat. we can talk about this conservative. the lived on the ground no -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> -- >> but the debt is doubled -- >> okay. without getting into a debate over debt reduction. i do -- >> god forbid. >> yeah. orgy of the debt reduction. matt brings up the point about disaffected progressives. and i wonder if you think there are disaffected progressives out
1:24 pm
there. what -- hillary clinton and we don't like lines that define things but the progressive majority. >> i'm still trying to get over the image of an orgy of deficit reduction. so let's try to -- i think if we had had this conversation maybe six months ago prior to the supreme court cases that were settled in the last couple of months. you would have had more disaffected progressives. i think at this juncture the progressive community is getting very comfortable with the legacy president obama will have left. of course there are a lot of things to be determined. the trade deal could disaffect a lot of teasehese people. with the iran talks. but by and large the people are going to be happy with the legacy obama leaves. so the challenge for clinton is to say okay in a universe where we've done all of these reforms.
1:25 pm
healthcare, the stimulus where can i add on? so tchs it was not a surprise that the biggest item in the last was the case a immigration reform would be ab economic revival revival. but everything else is building off of what the president has done. with healthcare she talked about maintaining the aca but also -- >> right. >> things like that. >> and your earlier point, i think some people would take issue with this as sort of a centerist administration. >> that's because a lot of them have been done and she has to build a portfolio that builds on what obama has done. >> okay. -- i would be remiss if i didn't get to this jonathan. we talk about disaffected progressives that have an alternative. and his name is lincoln chafee.
1:26 pm
he raised 28378 edd $28,387. what does this teach us? we don't want to convert to metric or what do we learn from this. >> i like to follow the people who might have a chance of actually being president. so i went to hillary clinton's speech today at the new school. but i also have a picture in my home of a guy named herald staszen. and he was the governor of minnesota and he started in the late '40s. every four years he would run for president. and in both parties we've had these herald stassen candidates who were essentially people who used to be somebody. now chafee used to be someone. and now they are not. and they like to get it. they know they are not going to win but know people like you and me might actually talk about him once in a while. that is what it's about and
1:27 pm
every campaign has these going on. >> does anybody -- >> -- we're going to find some herald 1rz on that side. >> thank you all for your time. coming up. still no sign of el chapo. was it an inside job? and what's next in the ongoing greek drama? that is next. they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol. cheerios...
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1:31 pm
catastrophe. greek banks are scheduled to reopen thursday. but the compromise forces the country to surrender much of its sovereignty to foreign powers and to agree to tax hikes against which tsipras fought. michelle, are we out of the woods? is this going to pass the greek parliament. >> it is easily going to pass. he is going to kodo all the things he promised he could never do. but already they have blown through all their must be and they need another 80 billion over the next three years and if they didn't do this deal even though they don't like austerity, the fact is they would have to fire thousands of people and cut pensions even
1:32 pm
more if they didn't take the money. so even though there is complaints about them having to supposedly surrender their sovereignty. the fact is without the money things would be incredibly devastating here. but pretty much due to the choices they have made continuously not just for the last five years but the last 50 years. >> a lot of greeks say that germany is being -- >> parsimonious. yes. >> a humiliation of their country in a coupe by jermny. >> people are quite angry but the germans are actually the people who have given the most to greece. 50 billion euros. more than the imf, more than the european central bank. and they have also been the most lenient in terms of getting paid back. the ecb wants to get paid back monday next week and the greeks
1:33 pm
don't have the money. >> right -- >> the yermgermans don't want to be paid back until 2023. >> the germans in large part have driven and a debate to be had about whether the austerity plan has been single handedly -- not single handedly. the overwhelming issue for greeks in long-term recovery. is there not? >> so every single day the greek government to this day spends more money than it brings in in tax revenue. but it can't borrow on the international markets like say for example the united states does. so they must get the money from somewhere. and if the germans and other countries in europe didn't give it to them all the austerity measures they have had to do cut salaries cut pensions they would have been cut even more. thousands and thousands and thousands of more people would have been out of work.
1:34 pm
pensioners would have been even poorer. so if they don't like the austerity measures i totally understand that. but the reason they have taken the money every single time and this is the third time is because the austerity measures would have been even worse, catastrophic. >> thanks so much for the update. just ahead, public enemy number one is on the loose. the man hunt for mexico's most dangerous drug kingpin. plus an american tail the shocking plot twist that has fans reeling. why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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and then there are knees news stories. hero finch returns but not everybody is happy. but first less than two days after his escape from a maximum security prison mexican officials are still on the hunt
1:38 pm
for drug kingpin el chapo. escaped saturday night via a hole in the shower of his cell. and exited through a mile long tunnel fitted with lighting and ventilation e merging at this construction site. he has a personal fortune that may be as high as $1 billion. and his escape is the the latest embarrassment since his last prison break in 2011. el chapo's exit from the prison sounds easier than my commute to work every day. >> first time he skapd in a laundry basket. and this time a big hole in the wall. i feel like they need to stop showing this dude movies. i'm impressed, the laundry basket thing. even though tchs 201.
1:39 pm
>> the trap door in the shower. here is what we know though. he escaped last year from a secret door beneath a bathtub. now one would think if he's done that once you want to make sure his bathroom area is secure. >> secure? the guy built the second avenue subway over there. that wasn't an escape route. that is like a whole bureau in new york city. i don't know how the prison officials keep a straight face. he had a motorcycle in the tunnel. >> that was used to clear debris. a motorcycle on rails. >> a motorcycle on in the tunnel on rails. >> michelle this has created much commotion around the world because el chapo was such a drug kingpin. former da administrator says el
1:40 pm
chapo ought to have been housed in an american prison. i say as richard matt and david sweat were housed in an american prison. >> you say one of them escaped twice. >> richard matt escaped twice. >> they didn't escape through a lighted ventilated tunnel. >> so that makes it better? we're going move on. and this is for kevin who hasn't read the book. he is one of the great heros in american literature. atticous finch in to kill a mocking bird. >> assumption that all negros are lie. and all immoral beings and all negro men are not to be trusted around our women. an assumption that one associates with minds of their caliber. and which is in itself gentlemen a lie.
1:41 pm
>> to the dismay of many readers the atticous finch portrayed in the second novel is a aging racist who attends a kkk meeting who asks his daughter want them in our world? kevin, what do we make of this change in character? for those who know the legacy of atticis. >> first of all, thanks for taking me back to freshman year of high school. i woke up and saw what we were talking about and oh no i should have read the book. yeah i don't know anything about the book. >> but you know finch as character. >> sure. >> and i guess on racial matters does this in fact lend some kind of nuance? does this somehow help the conversation to see both the -- i don't know the backwards and
1:42 pm
the forwards. >> i don't know about that. i just know this feels very much like when george lucas rereleased star wars and changed the cantina scene to the they shot first. i was outraged. i'm outraged about this. >> and that's where you're goings to leave it. >> that's where it ends for me. >> the people i feel terrible for are the 10% of parents in my neighborhood who named their children atticus. >> the new book was a pre quell and the old atticus would have wanted the confederate flag to say up. the new one -- the one we know from to kill a mocking bird would want it done. >> does that ruin it that he grew up to be a bad racist? >> we all sort of know these people? >> i don't.
1:43 pm
-- >> people -- >> no. no. i am not even going to co-sign on reagan democrats becoming bad people. >> what i read today. because because we didn't read the new book yet. it was the earlier draft. and editors no make it through the point of view of the daughter so he's more evolved. on some level the first itticis she submitted was this right wing guy. and -- >> are you speaking on behalf of the harper lee estate? >> -- >> all i know is if this is a prequel i would say so atticus is more like jar jar binks? >> it's all star wars for you. i have to leave it there. a brilliant literary panel. thank you all for your time and thoughts. coming up. after negotiations for an iran
1:44 pm
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coming up next the remaining hurdling standing in the way of a nuclear deal with iran. new details but first hampton pearson with the cnbc market wrap. >> marketing rallying on news there is finally a tentative greek debt deal. looking ahead we see the dow up 217, the s&p 500 up almost 23 and the nasdaq popping up 24
1:48 pm
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we have breaking news on the iran nuclear negotiations. nbc news andrea mitchell joins us live from the talks in vienna. thanks for joining me. what do we know at this hour? >> well after a very difficult day it does look like a deal is
1:51 pm
coming together that draft techs of the agreement are being studied in all of the capitals which of course means at the white house. and if that is agreeable to the leaders, to their experts this deal could be announced as early as overnight. this is not a definite deal yet. there are all sorts of advisories but some of the foreign press, including the german press have been told to be prepared as early as 2:00 a.m. vienna time. we are six hours ahead of you. i think that is earlier than many of the american officials would indicate but there are indications of movement. secretary carry isetretary kerry is back from his hotel and meeting right now with the european union leader. these meetings are continuing. they are all in that building and we don't know exactly when this deal is going to come together. but they are waiting for calls back and forth from their capitals and there could very
1:52 pm
well be a nuclear agreement that would change the relationship potentially between the u.s. and iran and restrain iran's nuclear program for at least 10 years. it would also of course ease sanctions and on a very carefully defined schedule giving hundreds of billions of dollars back to iran that iran desperately needs for its struggling economy. so this is a transformational agreement if it takes place. this is the 17th day of the there was a midnight deadline which has not yet been extended. and obviously if this thing is coming together they would not even have to extend the deadline, whereby iran keeps observing the limits that were greed to some 18 months ago when this started? eded geneva. >> thanks for that update. thanks for joining me. we've gone back and forth in terms of optimism and pessimism
1:53 pm
on this. are you surprised we may be on the verge of an agreement here? >> i'm not surprised. it is a question of when the deal happens, not whether. iran needs this deal for three reasons. they are hemorrhaging hundreds of billions of dollars and spending many billions of trying to extend the regime in syria. it is a question of when it happens. whether tonight or in the next days it is a matter of time. >> what about there seemed to be a sticking point in regards to lifting the arms embargo. how bag concession do you think that will be. >> i'm doubtful if it will immediately lift the arms embargo. the valid concern is iran is providing arms to the assad regime in syria.
1:54 pm
which is from the a u.s. perspective i would be very surprised if we immediately agreed to the a arms embargo. >> all though iran 15 billion military expenditures comprise about 9% of the total spending in the mideast. it is less than both of those countries. beyond the arms embargo how much do you think jason -- is part of the discussion here. he is the teheran bureau chief whose on trial. we have not heard much about his fate here. do you think that is a matter being discussed between the two parties? >> i think it is discussed on the periphery but whether it is iran's role in the region or human rights resources or imprisonment of more than one u.s. citizen, at least four u.s. citizens i think their task at hand is trying to resolve the nuclear issue. and the hope of secretary kerry and others is that if you are
1:55 pm
able to resolve the nuclear issue, or at least reach a nuclear deal that will potentially improve confidence to build the other areas of the contention. >> one more question. john boehner said on "face the nation" sunday no deal is better than a bad deal. he and the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell have been rattling sabers about the deal. do you think this passes congress? >> i think it will pass congress. the democrats will support it. and the reality, alex, is that as a country people are tired of conflict in the mideast. and they may not like this iranian regime. they may have problems with -- some problems with the deal. but i think most people recognize the alternative to a deal is much worse. >> thanks for your time. >> thank you. coming up the president
1:56 pm
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these men and women were not hardened criminals. their punishments didn't fit the crime. i believe at its heart the nation is a nation of second chances and i believe these folks deserve their second chance. >> president obama commuting the sentences of 46 federal drug offenders. it brings the total number of commutations to 89. it also sets the stage for a week focused on criminal justice reform. tomorrow the president will address the issue in a speech to the naacp in philadelphia. and on thursday he will visit a
2:00 pm
federal prison in oklahoma. that is all for "now." the "ed show" is coming up next. good evening americans and welcome to the "ed show." live from washington d.c. i'm back. i'm ready. let's get to work. >> tonight, money in the middle. >> we must raise incomes for hard working americans so they can afford a middle class life. >> there's been a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top 1/10 of 1%. >> and later, border cross. >> they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime. they are rapists. >> they are taking everything and they are killing us on the border. >> and walker running. >> he'll be the 15th republican to formally enter the 2016 race. >> i'm running to fight and win for the american people. good


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